Another World
Another World
Another World

Another World

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Autographed by Jean-Michel Cousteau

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Photographer Dos Winkel
Text by Kalli De Meyer Executive of Coral Resource Management
Foreword by Jean-Michel Cousteau

“I Challenge you to immerse yourself in these images.
There is another world waiting for you here. Dive in.”
        …Jean-Michel Cousteau

Dos Winkel's breathtaking photographs introduce us to the wondrous world under the surface of the ocean that is teeming with life, resplendent color, and motion. Fantastically shaped corals take on endless variations while brightly-colored vases and blankets of sponges litter the ocean floor. Throughout the more than one hundred full-page images in this book, the mystery, beauty, and pulsating life of the world's coral reefs are shown in their magnificent splendor. Coupled with an informative text on the ecology of coral reefs as well as a preface by Jean-Michel Cousteau, this book is a reminder that some of the biggest wonders of the universe lie waiting to be discovered on our own planet.