Orcas: Spirits of the Sea
Orcas: Spirits of the Sea
Orcas: Spirits of the Sea
Orcas: Spirits of the Sea

Orcas: Spirits of the Sea

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Orcas: Spirits of the Sea — Graphic Novel

Published 2015 by Ocean Futures Society.
Author by Jean-Michel Cousteau
Author and Illustrator Dominique Sarafini.  
Printing by Trabon Printing USA.  
Ocean of Thanks to both the Keiko Team and
the New Zealand Orca Rescue Team.
Autographed by Jean-Michel Cousteau        

Enjoy following Jean-Michel Cousteau as he invites you to dive in for an awesome adventure of personal stories about his joy of interacting and working with our counterparts in the sea, orcas and dolphins.  Starting with a childhood experience observing captive dolphins, Jean-Michel takes us on his personal journey to share why he believes these sentient beings, whales and dolphins, deserve our respect and protection to keep them wild in a healthy ocean.  This graphic mini novel is a special gift with lovely and fun artistic illustrations as Jean-Michel relives his life-long passion protecting these ancient mariners, dolphins and orca and our home Planet Ocean.

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