Return to the Amazon
Return to the Amazon
Return to the Amazon

Return to the Amazon

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Copyright 2014 Ocean Futures Society  
Author Jean-Michel Cousteau, Co-author Line Abrahamian
Photographer Carrie Vonderhaar
Publishing Coordinator Brazil Ana Carolina Xavier

Autographed by Jean-Michel Cousteau

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“The Amazon jungle has more eyes than leaves,”and for Jean-Michel Cousteau there is a story lying in wait behind each pair of eyes and every leaf.  After he and his father Jacque Cousteau first explored this fabled region in 1982-1984, they left the Amazon with many questions.  Twenty-five years later, in an Ocean Futures Society mission to the Amazon, Jean-Michel returns with his children, Fabien and Céline, his Ocean Futures team, and some of the original Amazon expedition members.

Return to the Amazon, is part scientific expedition, part documentary, and part literary report, mixed with a human perspective on protection to Amazonia’s vital importance to our planet.  This adventure takes the reader inside tribal territory,  diving into the murky waters with the legendary anaconda and caymans, and deep into the remote vastness of wetland forests and reserves.  Return to the Amazon offers readers an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look at a Jean-Michel Cousteau expedition while delving into serious conservation, unearthing intriguing discoveries and stories of hope from the remotest corners of the Amazon forest.  With stunning images and exclusive photographs, this adventurous expedition, exploring Amazonia’s secrets, chronicles one of the most revealing and awe-inspiring  journey’s into this hidden world that has been enshrouded in enigma for millennia.  Return to the Amazon continues to ask, “Will we approach Amazonia’s marvels with a sense of power or a sense of wonder?”