Silver Seas: A Retrospective
Silver Seas: A Retrospective

Silver Seas: A Retrospective

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Photographs by Ernest H. Brooks II

Foreword by Jean-Michel Cousteau and Introduction by Peter Skinner
Published in 2002 by Media 27, Santa Barbara, California, USA.

Ambassador of the marine environment, photographer, adventurer, diver and educator, Ernest H. Brooks II was born to be a photographer. As the son of Ernest H. Brooks, founder of the internationally-renowned Brooks Institute of Photography, Ernie Brooks was destined to follow in his fathers footsteps for part of his life's journey before forging his own path.

Accompanied by Ernie Brooks own recollections from a lifetime of adventure and exploration, Silver Seas magnificent silver photographs embody one man's lifetime pursuit of his art and the discovery of the true purpose of his journey, to provide the inspiration for the preservation and protection of  our marine environments. 

Ernie Brooks, the master photographer often referred to as the Ansel Adams of underwater photography, brings together those images that most powerfully speak to the enduring spirit of life underwater.

As a noted professional photographer, Brooks has won international acclaim for underwater photography and audio/visual presentation and, in his pursuit of dramatic marine images, has descended into the treacherous waters beneath the polar icecaps and into the depths of almost every ocean on Earth. As a trailblazer in the development of underwater photographic equipment and technique, Brooks has witnessed great industry advances and though he has harnessed and implemented much of that new technology, at a time when a plethora of color underwater photographs illustrate magazines and glossy brochures, he, perhaps surprisingly, still favors black and white. His photographic legacy is the evidence that has illustrated the dramatic changes in our oceans, and he himself remains a tremendous voice for oceanic exploration, and through that, the preservation of our marine environment.
Throughout his long tenure as the head of Brooks Institute, he carried out the duties that come with that corporate territory including keynote speaking at international conventions, working with national and international organizations and companies to enhance the industry, and encouraging photographic education and promoting photography as a universal language.

Many of these photographs today are in the permanent collections of major museums in America and abroad.

Autographed by Ernest H. Brooks II