Treasure on the Reef
Treasure on the Reef
Treasure on the Reef

Treasure on the Reef

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Treasure on the Reef — Graphic Short Novel

Published in 2004 Ocean Futures Society
Creative Guidance Jean-Michel Cousteau 
Project Manager Dr. Richard Murphy  
Written by Pamela Stacey & Dr. Richard Murphy
Illustrations by Hani El-Masri & Julie Svendsen

Dedicated to all the people who depend on Coral Reefs, that means all of us!  Treasure of the Reefs is a graphic mini novel telling the story from local kids to tourist kids the value of reefs and marine life.  How marine reserves benefit both the ocean and the people who depend on the ocean.  How ecotourism can protect nature and the local culture.  Treasure on the Reef is a visually fun read and an outstanding learning tool for ocean protection.

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